Night before Breast Reduction Surgery!!

No, I am not nervous. I’ve been asked that question the same time and fact remains that I’m not. I work at a hospital. I know what could go right. I also know my personality. I’m just not much of a fearful person. I’ve always been a do it now and worry about it later kind of person. I’m actually ready for it to be over and done. lol I had my pre-op last Monday and honestly I was in the waiting room longer than I spoke to the dr. I was basically told the same thing in person that I was told over the phone and the directions that they mailed to me.

One thing I will say is that I requested a different pain med. I had a bad reaction to hydrocodone and I refuse to take anything in the codeine family. So I fought with the doc and he ended up prescribing an alternative.

Looking forward to wearing smaller clothes and being smaller in general. I’m tired of being the fat friend or the friend with the big boobs. Adios to the girls in less than 12 hours.


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