I’m having a Breast Reduction! Brief Overview!

So Excited!

I decided to blog a bit about this journey.

Growing up I developed later than women who usually have larger breasts. Once upon a time I was stuffing my bras lol. Once I hit my freshman year they started growing overnight. Literally I went from nothing to a C cup and then on to where I currently am which is a DDD. I inquired about getting a breast reduction a few years ago and was told by my doctors that I was to young, I needed to wait until after I have kids, & I just wouldn’t be a good candidate.

I am now 26 years old and I was not taking no for an answer. Now that I work for the largest hospital system in the state (Arizona), I decided to give it another try. I first picked out a new PCP who was great and agreed I should get it done. Although it was not necessary that I have a referral for the Plastic Surgeon, my PCP was more than happy to do so as well it never hurts to have more documentation.

Most women that get this surgery done have complaints of back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and various bruises and additional pains to the body. Besides sporadic neck pain and shoulder indentation, I did not suffer from those typical issues. My main problem is clothes and how they fit. I’m sure this is partly why I dreaded buying clothes. I’ve always been consistent in pants sizes. I have wide hips and thicker thighs but I can spot what fits my body without trying it on pants wise. Shirts, jackets and sweaters are different. I had to deal with buying shirts 2 or 3 sizes bigger/wider to accommodate my breasts, having to worry about gaping holes in my shirt or just stretching it out. Pretty much over that.

My breasts are a good part of why I stopped running track and gymnastics and I want to get back into do those things.

With my initial visit (July 20th) with my surgeon he and his nurse took measurements (even with measuring tape) above and under the breasts, from nipple to shoulder, and several other ways. They also took pictures from every angle known to man and written notes. I was able to ask several general questions I had in which the doc answered with no problems. I really did like the bedside manner of the office. Prior to me leaving I asked if the office was ever denied to which I was told they never had been by insurance. I left feeling hopeful. For my hospital insurance it was a $30 copay to visit the plastic surgeon because he was considered a specialist.

One week from the visit (July 27th) I received a call from the nurse stating the insurance company wanted more notes and supporting documents for the surgery. I was discouraged because I didn’t have much to go off of but the notes from my new PCP and having gone to massage envy repeatedly for massages which I was getting due to my prior high stress job. Of course I contacted Massage Envy who were basically useless. I reached back out to the nurse with what I had and she said she would make it work.

Sometime after this I received another call that I missed. I was scared it was going to be another NO, so I didn’t return the call for a few days. When I did call back, the nurse was with a patient so I hung up before I could leave a voicemail.

Fast Forward to August 20th. The nurse called me to say I WAS APPROVED!!! As a matter of fact, they had been meaning to call me but they are a busy office. My insurance company had approved me to have the surgery done in a 4 week window. Imagine needing to have it done from August 17th-September 17th and then the nurse asked if I wanted to come in the next day. I had to sit down because my legs has gotten weak. I picked the date September 9th due to having a pre-planned trip to Philadelphia for Made in America the weekend prior to and then a trip to Denver on the 24th to visit old friends.

She agreed on the date with the earliest time so I wouldn’t be hungry all day because you have to fast prior to this surgery and also said she would mail my paperwork.

Yesterday (August 24th) I received my paperwork which included 3 prescriptions, some standard forms to sign pertaining to letting them use photos, and one pertaining to my insurance stating it was approved based on it being medically necessary. I also called yesterday to set up my pre-op appointment since the surgery is literally weeks away. My post-op appointment is next Monday August 31st. I have managed to surf youtube over the last few days and have several additional questions regarding how things will be during and after the procedure. I will update then.


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