Disconnected, The Way I Feel

I already started realizing a while ago but today it’s a burning sensation. The distance between myself and my friends and family is starting to. When I want to talk or text them I got no response. When they decide to talk to me it’s usually about thier problems, no hey or how you doing? If they do ask it’s because they realize that I’m not really listening to them. They don’t even care. I’ll start ranting and raving so see if that makes a difference. Or maybe I’ll bitch about it on facebook. I get no respect. Nobody cares that I’m 2 or 3 hours behind them in a different time zone when they text me at 6 or 7 in morning. They don’t care that I can’t fall asleep and throws my entire day off. They don’t care that we have been friends for so long and they text me days after my birthday. Yup, I’m cycling through my own crap. I’ll be a turtle in my shell. It takes more energy to talk to them than it does to type this message. I have shit to do now. Later!


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